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Terms & Conditions

Photo Submission
I have read this Photo Submission Agreement, understand its content and agree to its terms.

1. The photograph, image or graphic that I am submitting (“Submission” or “photograph” or “image”) is my original work and I (“Submitter”) currently hold all rights to it.

2. I am at least eighteen (18) years of age, or if I am under 18 the consent of my parent or guardian grants the usage rights of Submission.

3. To the best of my knowledge, my Submission does not infringe or violate any trademark, copyright or privacy rights of any third party. I acknowledge that I have secured all required releases, consents and permissions from any individuals appearing in the Submission.

4. I grant ‘Finding Joy’ permission to modify, publish, archive, backup or otherwise use the Submission in whole or in part on this website for the duration of its existence.

5. I grant ‘Finding Joy’ the right to attach wording to the Submission only as the Submitter provides, including name (to provide photo credit); the geographic location of the photograph; and general information about the photograph. ‘Finding Joy’ will not use these images to seek or accept sponsorship to promote a product, person, service or company.

6. I understand and acknowledge that submitting a photograph or image to ‘Finding Joy’ does not guarantee acceptance, use or publication of the photograph or image and that ‘Finding Joy’ in its sole discretion will decide which photographs or images it uses and for the exclusive purpose on sharing on this online exhibition.

7. I acknowledge that I am entitled to no compensation in connection with this Agreement and any photographs, images or other materials I submit. I waive any and all claims I may have against ‘Finding Joy’ for any remuneration for any submissions I may make to the online exhibition.

8. I understand and agree that ‘Finding Joy’ has no liability for any unauthorized use of the Submission by third parties. ‘Finding Joy’, for its part, will not authorize any third party use of the Submission.